The New World Order is comprised of like-minded elites (also called globalists), worldwide, that only value money and power. The more money they can take from you to subjugate you, the more powerful it makes them. They are above the law and care nothing about the rights of the individual. They have no allegiance to any country, religion, or culture. They are the perfect example of the saying, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If you have a group of like-minded individuals (some believe there are 6,000 worldwide) that only value money and power, what would their ultimate goal be? How about immortality! Elites think they will achieve immortality by merging with machines! This is called transhumanism. One of the leaders in the transhumanist movement is Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman and former CEO of Google (a NWO corp). Some day in the near future, Schmidt (a BB and CFR) expects to be able to swallow a nanobot each morning to do a diagnostic check on his body and report the findings to his doctor. He also expects to have the option of sending a robot to attend parties he doesn’t want to go to. And, of course, a driverless car will take him to and from work each day.

If you want a sneak peak at what this kind of future will be like to live in, watch the 2002 movie Minority Report. It’s interesting to see how many things have come true since that movie was released. Numerous police departments are now using precrime techniques to allegedly reduce crime. Constitution, what Constitution! At least in the movie there was going to be a nationwide vote to determine if the program would be implemented beyond the test area. As the main character in the movie is trying to evade police, he runs into a store where facial recognition software identifies him by retina scan, and calls him by name. This is now reality today. In the movie, there was, shall we say, a unique method for fooling facial recognition software. Google, of course, has developed a driverless car. Several states now allow driverless cars on their roads. If a human isn’t controlling a car, that means a computer is. Several years ago reports began appearing about how easy it is to hack into various computer systems that control different parts of a car. Think how easy it will be to disable, or control, a car that is completely operated by a computer. This, also, was illustrated in the movie. Think Google will be able to prevent their driverless cars from being hacked by the government and others? Google has had a long relationship with the NSA and CIA, so, no, they won’t prevent the government from being able to control their cars, to get to you.

We’ve identified the elites goal as being transhumanism, or merging with machines to achieve immortality. If they truly believe they can achieve their goal, and it seems they do, will they still have a need for mere humans? It’s important to understand that the elites goal of merging with machines to achieve immortality is only for the 6,000 elites, not the whole of humanity. The current world population is more than 7.5 billion, so that’s a lot of mere humans that will need to be taken care of, or will they?

georgiaguidestonesIn Elberton, Georgia, a granite monument was erected in 1980, called the Georgia Guidestones, which is a set of 10 guidelines inscribed in various languages. The Guidestones are sometimes referred to as the American Stonehenge, after the Stonehenge prehistoric monument in England. One of the inscriptions says to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” That’s about seven billion less people than we have now! It’s unknown who commissioned the monument to be built, or exactly what it means. Many people believe it’s a warning about the New World Order.

It sounds like absolute power goes hand-in-hand with insanity! Just remember this: everyone may think their plans are crazy, but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, just what they think is what’s important. They believe they are going to merge with machines to achieve immortality, and they are doing whatever they think is necessary to them accomplishing their goal. It apparently makes no difference to them what they have to destroy, or who they have to kill to achieve their goal!

How would they reduce the population by seven billion people? There are numerous ways they are reducing the population, but the key is to do it slowly, over decades, so people think there are other explanations for what is happening to them.

Since their plan is being carried out over many decades, an easy way to reduce the population would be to decrease fertility. Male fertility rates have been falling for the last 50 years. A new study suggests that bisphenol A (BPA), an endocrine disruptor found in many plastics, can linings and receipts, mimics the effects of estrogen, which is one of the ways the population is being reduced. Compounds found in some plastic items, including drainpipes, and soy food products can mimic the effects of oestrogen, the female sex hormone, scientists say. Experts believe the hormone could be causing the well-documented drop in sperm count among Western men as they are becoming ‘feminized’ when they come into contact with products containing the female sex hormone. This is especially true of soy milk given to babies, particularly boys.  Estrogen lowers testosterone in men, and increases estrogen in women. This is one reason the rate of estrogen-related cancers is increasing dramatically.

People are being bombarded on a daily basis with endocrine disrupting chemicals. These chemicals disrupt the endocrine system, including the thyroid, pituitary, intestines, and prostate. Most of the symptoms people complain about, including fatigue, diabetes, prostate cancer, and heart disease, all have a link to an endocrine disrupting chemical. These chemicals are deadly because they mimic estrogen. Canned food is a major source of these chemicals, because the aluminum in the can is an estrogen mimicker, and the cans are lined with BPA, BPS, or some other type of plastic, which is also an estrogen mimicker.

If a product label says “fragrance”, it usually contains toxic chemicals called phthalates, which are not required to be listed on the label. Some of these chemicals are passed on to a baby during pregnancy, causing damage to the baby, if the mother is exposed to these chemicals. Fragrance is in all sorts of products, including laundry detergent and fabric softener. When you wear clothes that have been washed in these products, and you sweat in the clothes, the chemicals get into your body through your skin.

Bug spray (insect repellant) contains dioxins. Not only does bug spray contain endocrine disruptors, but about 90% of the spray is cancer-causing chemicals. In 2014, Monsanto had to pay a West Virginia town $93 million for poisoning the residents with Agent Orange chemicals, such as dioxin. Dioxin is considered one of the most deadly chemicals in existence.

Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which is used in diet sodas, diet foods, some prescription medications, and available in little packets to use in coffee and tea, is another endocrine disruptor because of the aluminum in the cans and the BPA in the plastic packaging.

Being exposed to one endocrine disruptor might not be so dangerous, but how many different disruptors are people exposed to on a daily basis? The accumulation effect is very important.

Beer is also dangerous to consume, because it comes in an aluminum can, the hops that beer is made from are heavily sprayed with pesticides, and the water used in the beer most likely contains birth control pills because they are not filtered out of the water supply. One of the most dangerous pesticides, and also one of the most popular, is RoundUp, made by Monsanto, the company that also makes GMOs that are deadly to every living thing on the planet. RoundUp contains glyphosates, which are routinely found in cancers, especially breast cancers, and are now being found in food.

It is estimated that people eat about 200 pounds of glyphosates in GMO food each year. Glyphosates are bacteriacides, which means they kill many bacteria. There are approximately 100 trillion bacteria in the human body that mostly reside in the gut. When the beneficial bacteria is selectively destroyed, it reduces the bacteria’s ability to produce nutrients. When the good bacteria is destroyed, a void is created, it is filled up with pathogenic disease causing bad bacteria, such as yeast, fungi, and viruses. Sugar “fertilizes” the yeast, fungi, and viruses causing disease, especially cancer.

Researchers are now discovering that when chemicals affect the baby during pregnancy, the next four generations of that baby are also affected.

Another way to reduce the population would be to create a plague (Ebola), make it race specific (Blacks), release it where it will affect the greatest portion of that race (Africa), then create vaccines to protect the people from the plague and make the vaccinations mandatory. Several experimental Ebola vaccines are being created and tested in preparation for mandatory innoculations in Africa beginning in June 2015, maybe earlier. One of the vaccines is receiving funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates (BB), a co-founder of Microsoft, is a eugenicist. Here’s a video of Bill Gates explaining how healthcare, reproductive health services, and vaccines can reduce the population by 10 – 15%, and that he loves vaccines. So who knows exactly what those vaccines contain?

Poisoning food is a very effective way to reduce the population. A protein found in GMO corn is absolutely toxic to humans, as well as being deadly for mice. Other studies have linked them to a higher rate of leukemia, higher levels of inflammation in the body, allergies, MS, and cancer. New evidence shows that manganese and magnesium are chelated from humans that eat RoundUp GMOs.

One of the best ways to reduce a population, of course, is with war. Not only are soldiers killed, but also the innocent civilian populations where a war is occurring. A conflict doesn’t have to be declared a war to actually be a war.

As a way of illustrating how the elites plan works, think of the game of chess as an analogy. In the game of chess, there are several different kinds of chesspieces that are moved around the chessboard. Each of the chesspieces has a defined number of spaces it can move, as well as a specific direction it can move in. The goal in chess is to protect the king chesspiece. If your opponent makes a move that exposes your king, and you can’t counter the move to protect your king, you have been checkmated, the game is over, and you lost.

The elites plan is being conducted by the Bilderberg Group.

Transhumanism (Achieving immortality)  == The king chesspiece, which is protected by all the other chesspieces

World Governments
(used to control the people) == The queen chesspiece, which is the most powerful piece on the chessboard, because it can move in any direction

      World Government in the United States  —  The government is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations

      World Government in Britain  —  The government is controlled by the Fabian Socialists

We the people == The pawn chesspiece, which normally just moves forward one space at a time, is the most plentiful piece on the chessboard, and is expendable since not much is lost when your opponent captures one

To the New World Order globalists, people are just pawns to be used to move their agenda forward, and then be eliminated when they cease being of any use.

How the New World Order is Controlling the Population —


Hillary Clinton (a CFR), has explicitly confirmed what critics of the Council on Foreign Relations have often charged: that the Council unofficially runs the U.S. State Department, and has virtually taken control of the entire executive branch of the federal government, regardless of which party may occupy the White House. In a famous speech at the Council on Foreign Relations’ Washington, D.C., office in 2009, Secretary Clinton referred to the CFR’s Pratt House headquarters in New York City as the “mother ship” and said she had been there often. She was glad, she said, that the CFR’s new Washington headquarters is so close to the State Department, making it easier to be “told what we should be doing and how we should think.”

The Council on Foreign Relations has a near-stranglehold on the key positions of power in the U. S. government. It doesn’t matter which political party is in power at the time, because CFR members are in both parties. Certain positions in the government are more important to the CFR than others. There have been eight CFR presidents, nine CFR vice presidents, 19 CFR secretaries of state, 22 CFR secretaries of war/defense, 20 CFR secretaries of the treasury, and 18 CFR directors of the CIA. In addition to these positions, there are hundreds of CFR deputy secretaries, CFR assistant secretaries, etc.  Remember, this is just membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. It does not include membership in the Bilderberg Group or Trilateral Commission. Some globalists are members of multiple secret societies.        Read more


In addition to controlling the U. S. government, the New World Order also controls the U. S. president. For more than two decades, the U. S. president has been chosen by the Bilderberg Group, not the voters. Henry Kissinger, the former U. S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, is one of the leaders of the Bilderberg Group and is responsible for selecting the president. Many of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates visited Henry Kissinger to get his “blessing” to run for president. In 2013, Kissinger said he thought Hillary Clinton would make a wonderful president.

Who is Barack Obama? A complete fraud and seems only too happy to push the New World Order’s agenda of destroying the United States.

Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to be president because he is not a natural born citizen. This means all actions he has taken as president and all legislation he has signed are not valid.    Read more


The New World Order is all about controlling and reducing the population to a more manageable number. The Georgia Guidestones say the desirable population number is 500 million, more than 7 billion less than currently exist in the world! What better way to do that than poisoning the food we eat.

The food doesn’t instantly kill you when you eat it. It slowly depletes your body of the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs to work properly. This compromises your body, and eventually allows all kinds of deadly diseases to take hold and eventually kill you, without you realizing it is the kind of food you are eating that is killing you. All according to plan.

Consumers sometimes demand manufacturers remove a dangerous substance from food. If sales revenue drops enough, the manufacturers usually “say” they removed, or will remove, the ingredient. Is this really true? Occasionally the manufacturers just change the name of the ingredient on the food label so consumers will think the ingredient was removed, but the ingredient wasn’t removed at all. An example of this is high fructose corn syrup.   Read more


Water is something that is mostly taken for granted. We can’t live without it. It’s plentiful, and you can even buy it in different flavors. Doesn’t sound like there’s much of a problem.

What if your goal was to control the population, reduce the population, and do it in a way that people would never suspect? How about using something people can’t live without and use multiple times a day? Water sounds like a perfect solution, doesn’t it?

Fluoride, one of the most toxic substances in the world, is an industrial byproduct of many industries, including the aluminum industry. As more and more regulations were passed on the disposal of fluoride, the industry needed a solution as they began gearing up for World War II.

At the time, fluoride was used as a rat poison. Propaganda would solve the perception problem.

It was decided to have the Public Health Service send a dentist to study the teeth of people in towns with naturally occurring fluoride in the water. The dentist found that people’s teeth in towns with high levels of naturally occurring fluoride seemed to have fewer cavities. The Public Health Service was part of the Treasury Department at the time. The Treasury Secretary, Andrew Mellon, a multi-billionaire, was also the financier of the founder of the ALCOA Corporation (a NWO corp), the largest aluminum corporation in the United States.

Now the globalists had solved their problem of dealing with aluminum waste, and found a way to make money at it. A win-win for the globalists! The fact that water fluoridation reduces the IQ of people using it, increases cancer rates in people using it, and increases the potential for damage to the skeleton and hearts of children using it means mission accomplished for the globalists! Read more


We constantly hear that the media is leftist, liberal, and progressive, but what does that mean? It means they are Communist.

Few people now the big secret of the media industry. The secret is that 90% of the media is controlled by just five giant corporations! All of these corporations are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. That would certainly make it easy to control the message and indoctrinate the masses!

The media is especially useful to the White House for pushing their unconstitutional and illegal agenda forward through fabricated stories in the news. Why would the media go along with this? They have been infiltrated by the CIA. There’s a very incestuous relationship between the government and the media.

A surprising number of people on the news shows are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, or other New World Order secret societies. Is your favorite news person one of them? Read more


What better way to control people than to have influential members of society be secret members of the NWO? As members of the NWO are made known to the public and discredited, people look to other influential people to tell them what’s important and what their opinions should be on certain issues. What if these people are also members of the NWO?

It’s essential you do some research on influential people before you believe anything they are telling you.   Read more


Another way the New World Order controls the masses is by manipulating some of the Christian churches. How many people can be influenced through their churches? Approximately 32% (2.2 billion) of the world’s population are Christians, with about half of the Christians being members of the Catholic Church. How effective has Pope Francis been at pushing the New World Order’s agenda of carbon taxes to fight imaginary global warming; softening the Church’s stance on homosexuality and abortion, and preaching false doctrine to propagandize those members not familiar with all of the Bible?

Why does the New World Order target Christianity? The New World Order was established on the belief that God made a mistake, and there would be no problems in the world if creation had been designed differently. So the New World Order is here to fix everything for us mere slaves. This means that everything old must be destroyed, of course.

To run a dictatorship, everything important in people’s lives must be destroyed, such as ordered government, patriotism, nationalism, and the basis of civilization — religion. This was accomplished by changing the focus of worship from religion to reason. When did the New World Order begin focusing on the destruction of religion? Read more


All of these war crimes are being committed against American citizens (and people throughout the world) to reduce the population and bring in New World Order (one world government).

If you like living in a country where you are being intentionally poisoned in many different ways each day, where the government monitors you and controls you 24/7, and where the government will ultimately kill about 80% of you, do nothing. There won’t be any place you can hide, and you won’t be able to defend yourself. If you want a better life than you are currently living, then take action.

Source Materials —
James C. Bowers, The Naked Truth — The Named Communist – Revisited (Schwarz Report Press, 2011)
Jim Marrs, The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy (Harper, 2011)

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