As unbelievable as it sounds, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (a CFR) admitted that the Council on Foreign Relations unofficially runs the State Department, The Council also controls the entire executive branch of the federal government, regardless of which party is in the White House. In the video below, Clinton is giving a 2009 speech at the Council on Foreign Relation’s new Washington office. Clinton referred to the CFR’s New York City headquarters as the “mother ship” and was glad a Washington office close to the State Department had been opened, making it easier to be “told what we should be doing and how we should think.”

As difficult as that may be to believe, the State Department has an advisory board that provides it with “independent advice and opinion” about U. S. foreign policy. The Foreign Affairs Policy Board was created in December 2011. Of the 25 original members, 22 members (88%), were members of the Council on Foreign Relations, including one of its current co-chairmen (Carla Hills). The other three members names could not be found on any partial membership lists for the CFR, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also members. The current list of members includes 17 CFR members (85%). The other three member names could not be found on any partial membership lists for the CFR, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also members. It’s unknown if the membership list is a complete list of current members since there can be 25 members on the Board. If the CFR doesn’t control the State Department, why was the Foreign Affairs Policy Board created in the first place, and staffed almost exclusively with CFR members including the most recent co-chairman? How can they provide “independent advice and opinion” if they belong to the same anti-American secret society? It’s interesting to note that the CFR publishes a magazine titled Foreign Affairs.

In 1939, the Council on Foreign Relations created its War and Peace Studies project to advise the government on wartime policy. Some CFR members of the project spent part of each week working at the State Department. The president of the CFR, Norman H. Davis, chaired the steering committee in charge of the project. Previously Davis had been Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and Under Secretary of State. The project was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation (a NWO org). Why would the federal government take advice from an organization that is dedicated to destroying the government? Perhaps because President Roosevelt and other members of his administrations were members of the CFR.

The Bilderberg Group, another secret society, has been choosing the president and vice president since Bill Clinton (BB, CFR, TC) was elected president in 1992. In 1991, Bill Clinton was an unknown governor of a southern state, running for president. Then, he attended the Bilderberg Group meeting where he met David Rockefeller (BB, CFR, TC), the only member of the Bilderberg Group’s Member Advisory Group. Rockefeller asked Clinton what he thought about NAFTA, which Clinton hadn’t heard of. Rockefeller explained why it was important to the Bilderberg Group, and Clinton replied that if it was important to the Bilderbergs, it was important to him. Eighteen months later Clinton was elected president. On January 1, 1994, NAFTA became law. NAFTA has been very damaging to the United States, but very profitable for special interests.

It is now an accepted ritual in the process of running for president for Republican hopefuls to make a pilgrimage to the revered (or reviled, depending on your opinion) Bilderberg Group kingmaker Henry Kissinger (BB, CFR, TC), former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, to get his blessing. In 2009, then National Security Advisor James Jones (BB), a retired 4-star Marine Corps General, gave a speech in Germany in which he said, “As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal Brent Scowcroft (CFR) and Sandy Berger (CFR), who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.”  Kissinger was not a government employee at the time. Why was he controlling the National Security Advisor that reports directly to the president? Is this still going on?

In 2012, then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (CFR) testified before Congress that the UN and NATO tell the U. S. military what to do, NOT the Congress as stated in the Constitution! And Congress did nothing in response to that statement! Why? Perhaps because  78% of them are Communists and/or traitors that belong to the same secret societies in control. The Departments of State, Treasury, and War (Defense) were created in 1789, as was the position of Attorney General. The Department of War was renamed the Department of Defense in 1947. The order of succession to the presidency is the Vice President is No. 1, the Speaker of the House is No. 2, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate is No. 3, the Secretary of State is No. 4, the Secretary of the Treasury is No. 5, the Secretary of Defense is No. 6, and the Attorney General is No. 7. More than 40% of the cabinet secretaries are members of secret societies, predominantly the Council on Foreign Relations. Other cabinet members could also be members of secret societies, but their names haven’t been found on any partial membership lists. The goal of all secret societies is the destruction of the United States by eliminating national sovereignty. This is a definition of treason. Therefore, any member of a secret society is a traitor to the United States, no matter what position in government that person occupies,.  If the president (except in 2016) and vice president are both chosen by the Bilderberg Group; the Secretaries of State, Treasury, and Defense are almost always members of the Council on Foreign Relations; the Attorney General is frequently a CFR; and the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board is almost 90% CFR members, the government is obviously controlled by foreign entities who think they are above the law.


Some of the secret society federal employees that have worked for the government during the Trump Administration —

Government OfficePositionTerm of ServiceNameBilderberg GroupCouncil On Foreign RelationsTrilateral CommissionComments
Some of the current employees of the Trump presidency--
Agriculture DepartmentSecretary2021 - presentTom VilsackYesFormer President and CEO of the US Dairy Export Council
CIADeputy Director2021 - presentDavid S. CohenYes
Director2021 - presentWilliam J. BurnsYesFormerly president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (a NWO org)
Previously ambassador to Russia
Commerce DepartmentSecretary2021 - presentGina RaimondoYesMember of the Aspen Institute (a NWO org)
Former Governor of Rhode Island
Defense DepartmentSecretary2021 - presentLloyd AustinYesU.S. Army 4-star general, retired
Former member of the board of Raytheon Technologies (a NWO corp)
Federal ReserveChairman2018 - presentJerome PowellYes
Board of Governors Member2014 - PresentLael BrainardYesMarried to Kurt M. Campbell
2012 - presentJerome PowellYes
Homeland Security DepartmentSecretary2021 - PresentAlejandro MayorkasYes
Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis2022 - presentKenneth L. WainsteinYesHe has had several previous positions in the federal government, including "National Continuity Coordinator", as specified in a Presidential directive
Justice DepartmentDeputy Attorney General2021 - PresentLisa MonacoYesPreviously was Homeland Security Advisor in the Barack Obama Administration
State DepartmentSecretary2021 - presentAntony BlinkenYes
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer 2021 - presentGina Abercrombie-WinstanleyYes
Deputy Secretary of State2021 - presentWendy ShermanYes
Foreign Affairs Policy Board Member2022 - presentKatherine MaherYesFormer CEO and executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation
She is a Young Global Leadet of the World Economic Forum (a NWO org)
United States ambassador to the United Nations2021 - presentLinda Thomas-GreenfieldYes
Treasury DepartmentSecretary2021 - presentJanet YellenYesSenior member of the Group of Thirty (a NWO org)
Previously held numerous positions at the Federal Reserve
Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (a NWO org)
Distinguished Fellow at the American Economic Association (a NWO org)
A Fellow at the Econometric Society (a NWO org)
White HouseCouncil of Economic Advisers Chairman2021 - presentCecilia RouseYesFormer dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.
Domestic Policy Council Director2021 - presentSusan RiceYesYesYesMember of the Aspen Strategy Group (a NWO org)
Former National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration
National Security Council Coordinator for the Indo-Pacific2021 - presentKurt M. CampbellYesMarried to Lael Brainard
National Security Council Senior Director for Global Health Security and Biodefense2021 - presentElizabeth CameronYesPreviously was Vice President for Global Biological Policy and Programs at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (a NWO org), where she co-led the development of the Global Health Security Index (GHSI). The GHSI is a global health security assessment prepared by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (a NWO org), the Nuclear Threat Initiative (s NWO org) and the Economist Intelligence Unit (a NWO org).
In October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (a NWO org) hosted an exercise, Event 201, in which a simulated severe coronavirus pandemic killed 65 million in 18 months. Co-hosting the event were the World Economic Forum (a NWO org) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (a NWO org). One month later coronavirus cases began being reported in Wuhan, China. A pandemic was declared soon after. 
President of the United States2021 - presentJoe BidenYes
President's Intelligence Advisory Board Member2022 - presentJanet NapolitanoYesFormer President of the University of California
Former Secretary of Homeland Security
Former Governor of Arizona

Some of the secret society Executive Branch federal employees prior to Trump —

Government Department or AgencyPositionTerm of ServiceNameBilderberg GroupCouncil On Foreign RelationsTrilateral CommissionComments
9/11 Commission Co-chair2002 - 2004Thomas Kean, Sr.Yes
2002 - 2004Lee H. HamiltonYes
Executive director 2002 - 2004Philip D. ZelikowYes
Vice chair2002George J. MitchellYes
Agriculture DepartmentSecretary2009 - 2017Tom VilsackYes
2001 - 2005Ann M. VenemanYesYes
1995 - 2001Daniel Robert GlickmanYesYes
Arms Control and Disarmament AgencyDirector 1981–1983Eugene V. RostowYes
Central Intelligence AgencyCIA Deputy Director 2015 - 2017David S. CohenYes
CIA Director2012 - 2013Michael Morell Yes
2011 - 2012David PetraeusYesYesU. S. Army General (4 star), retired

Former head of CENTCOM
2009 - 2011Leon PanettaYes
2006 - 2009Michael HaydenYesU. S. Air Force General, retired
2005 - 2006Porter GossYesFormer Congressman from Florida
Central Intelligence Deputy Director 1995 – 1997George TenetYes
1992 - 1995William O. StudemanYes
1986 - 1989Robert GatesYesYes
1981 - 1982Bobby Ray InmanYesU.S. Navy admiral
1978 – 1981Frank CarlucciYes
1951 – 1953Allen DullesYes
Central Intelligence Deputy Director for Intelligence1983 - 2005Jami MiscikYesCurrently is President and Vice-Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Plans 1951 – 1951Allen DullesYesFormer Director of the Council on Foreign Relations
Central Intelligence Director2004 - 2005Porter GossYesFormer Congressman from Florida
1997 - 2004George J. TenetYes
1995 - 1996John M. DeutchYesYesYes
1993 - 1995James WoolseyYes
1991 - 1993Robert M. GatesYesYes
1987 - 1991William H. WebsterYesYes
1981 - 1987William J. CaseyYes
1977 - 1981Stansfield TurnerYesU. S. Navy Admiral, retired
1976 - 1977George H. W. BushYes
1973 - 1976William E. ColbyYes
1973James SchlesingerYes
1966 - 1973Richard HelmsYes
1961 - 1965John A. McConeYes
1953 - 1961Allen W. DullesYesFormer President of the CFR
1950 - 1953Walter B. SmithYes
Central Intelligence Agent1950 - 1954Tom BradenYes
1951 - 1960William BundyYesYesBrother to McGeorge Bundy
Chief National Intelligence Officer1977–1979Robert R. BowieYesYesFormer Director of Policy Planning of the Foreign Policy Association;, co-founder with Henry Kissinger of Harvard Center for International Affairs
Commerce DepartmentSecretary2017 - 2021Wilbur RossYes
2013 - 2017Penny Sue PritzkerYesMember of the Board of Directors of the CFR
1997 - 2000Daley, William M. Yes
1993 - 1996Ron BrownYes
1976 - 1977Elliot L. RichardsonYesYes
1972 - 1973Peter G. PetersonYesFuture Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations
1946 - 1948W. Averell HarrimanYes
1921 – 1928Herbert HooverYes
American Manufacturing Council Chair2017Andrew LiverisYesYes
Assistant Secretary of Commerce -- Global Markets2017 - 2018Elizabeth Erin WalshYes
Director General of United States Commercial Service2017 - 2018Elizabeth Erin WalshYes
Export Promotion and Trade Policy Senior Director2009 - 2012Joe HurdYesYes
Under Secretary of Commerce1977 - 1980Sidney HarmanYes
1975 - 1976James BakerYes
Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration2017 - 2018Mira RicardelYes
Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security2005 – 2006David McCormickYesYes
2001–2005Kenneth JusterYesYes
Defense DepartmentAir Force General Counsel1998 - 2001Jeh JohnsonYes
Air Force Vice Chief of Staff 2012 - 2013Philip M. BreedloveYesU.S. Air Force 4-star genera;
Army Chief of Staff 1999–2003Eric ShinsekiYesU. S. Army General (4 star),
Army Vice Chief of Staff 2012 - 2013Lloyd AustinYes
1998 – 1999Eric ShinsekiYesU. S. Army General (4 star),
1973Alexander HaigYes
Assistant Secretary of War (Defense) for Public Affairs1994 - 2001Kenneth BaconYes
Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs1994 - 1995Joseph Nye YesNorth American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission
1961–1963Paul NitzeYes
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Defense Programs 2009 – 2014Andrew C. WeberYes
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans1993 - 1994Graham AllisonYesYesHe is currently Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and Douglas Dillon Professor of Government, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
1989 - 1993Stephen J. HadleyYes
Assistant Secretary of War1941 - 1945John J. McCloy YesFuture Chairman of the CFR, 1953 - 1970
Future President of the World Bank Group
Central Command (CENTCOM) commander2013 - 2016Lloyd AustinYesU.S. Army 4-star general,
2008 – 2010David PetraeusYesU.S. Army 4-star general,
2003 - 2007John AbizaidYesU.S. Army 4-star general, retired
Chief of Naval Operations1996 - 2000Jay L. JohnsonYesU.S. Navy Admiral
After retiring from the Navy, he became president and chief executive officer of General Dynamics, a defense contractor
Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan Commander2005 - 2007Karl EikenberryYes3-star general
Commandant of the Coast Guard2006 - 2010Thad AllenYes
Commander-in-Chief of The United States Air Forces in Europe2012 - 2013Philip M. BreedloveYesU.S. Air Force 4-star genera;
Consultant to the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy1993) - 1993Morton HalperinYes
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Director2009 - 2012Regina E. DuganYes
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (Policy, Planning, and Arms Control)1967 - 1969Morton HalperinYes
Deputy Secretary of Defense2017 - 2019Pat ShanahanYes
2001 - 2005Paul WolfowitzYes
1997 - 2000John J. HamreYesCurrently President and CEO of Center for Strategic and International Studies
1994 - 1995John M. DeutchYesYesYes
1981 – 1982Frank CarlucciYes
1967 – 1969Paul NitzeYes
1964 – 1967Cyrus VanceYesYes
1950 – 1951Robert A. LovettYes
Deputy Undersecretary of Defense1985 - 1987Dov S. ZakheimYes
General Counsel2009 - 2012Jeh JohnsonYes
1993 - 1994Jamie GorelickYes
1961 – 1962Cyrus VanceYesYes
Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) Commander1999 - 2002Dennis C. BlairYesU.S. Navy fuur-star Admiral
International Security Assistance Force Commander2010 – 2011David PetraeusYesU.S. Army 4-star general,
Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman2007 - 2011Michael G. MullenYesU. S. Navy Admiral, retired
1989 – 1993Colin PowellYesYes
Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Commander 2008 - 2011William H. McRavenYesU. S. Navy four-star admiral
2003 - 2008Stanley A. McChrystalYesRetired 4-star Army general
National Security Agency Director1999 - 2005Michael HaydenYesHe was responsible for the NSA creating a domestic telephone call database that he said the White House told him was constitutional, even though it violated several laws
U. S. Air Force General, retired
1988 - 1992William O. StudemanYesU. S. Navy Vice Admiral, retired
1977 - 1981Bobby Ray InmanYesU.S. Navy admiral
National War College faculty member2017 - 2019Amanda J. Dory YesDory previously was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs in the Office of the Secretary of Defense

She is a career member of the Senior Executive Service, having joined the department in 1994
Naval Intelligence Director1974 - 1976Bobby Ray InmanYes
Naval War College President 1972 – 1974Stansfield TurnerYesU. S. Navy Admiral, retired
Pentagon Foreign Policy Advisor2003 - 2004Dan SenorYes
Policy Planning and Arms Control for International Security Affairs director1967 - 1969, Leslie H. GelbYesHe was director of the Pentagon papers project
Secretary2017 - 2019James N. MattisYes
2015 - 2017Ashton CarterYesYes
2013 - 2015Chuck HagelYesYes
2011 - 2013Leon PanettaYes
2006 - 2011Robert M. GatesYesYes
2001 - 2006Donald RumsfeldYesYes
1997 - 2001William S. CohenYesYes
1994 - 1997William J. PerryYesYes
1993 - 1994Les AspinYes
1989 - 1993Richard CheneyYesYes
1987 - 1989Frank CarlucciYesYes
1981 - 1987Caspar Weinberger YesYes
1977 - 1981Harold BrownYesYesCounselor and Trustee, Center for Strategic and International Studies
1975 - 1977Donald RumsfeldYesYes
1973 - 1975James R. SchlesingerYes
1973Eliot L. RichardsonYesYes
1969 - 1973Melvin R. LairdYes
1961 - 1968Robert McNamara YesYesYesFuture President of the World Bank
1959 - 1961Thomas S. Gates, Jr.Yes
1957 - 1959Neil H. McElroyYes
1953 - 1957Charles E. WilsonYes
1951 - 1953Robert A. LovettYes
1950 - 1951George C. MarshallYesA famous World War II Army general, The Marshall Plan, officially the European Recovery Program, was named after him.
1947 - 1949James V. ForrestalYesThe first Secretary of Defense. Previously the department was called the War Department.
1945 - 1947Robert P. PattersonYesSecretary of War; President of the Council on Foreign relations
1940 - 1945Henry L. StimsonYesSecretary of War, because the department was still called the War Department
Secretary (Acting)2020 - 2021Christopher C. MillerYes
Secretary of the Air Force2017 - 2019Heather Wilson Yes
1962 – 1964Cyrus VanceYesYes
Secretary of the Navy1969 - 1972John ChafeeYesFormer governor of Rhode Island
1963 - 1967Paul NitzeYes
Southern Command Commander (USSOUTHCOM)2006 - 2009James G. StavridisYesU.S. Navy Admiral
1996 - 1997Wesley ClarkYesU.S. Army 4-star
Special assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs1966 - 1967Morton HalperinYes
Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Commander2011 - 2014William H. McRavenYesU. S. Navy four-star admiral
Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) Commander2006 - 2008William H. McRavenYesAt the same time., he was the first director of the NATO Special Operations Forces Coordination Centre (NSCC)
U. S. Navy four-star admiral
Supreme Allied Commander Europe2013 - 2016Philip M. BreedloveYesU.S. Air Force 4-star genera;
2009 - 2013)James G. StavridisYesU. S. Navy admiral
Was awarded the Atlantic Council's (a NWO org) Distinguished Military Leadership Award
1997 - 2000Wesley ClarkYesU.S. Army 4-star
1974 – 1979Alexander HaigYesU.S. Army 4-star general
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology1993 - 1994John M. DeutchYesYesYes
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) 2001 – 2004Dov S. ZakheimYes
Under Secretary of Defense Deputy for Policy1993–1994Walter B. SlocombeYes
1979–1981Walter B. SlocombeYes
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy2009 - 2012Michèle FlournoyYesYesSenior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
1994 - 2001Walter B. SlocombeYes
1993–1994Frank G. WisnerYes
1989 – 1993Paul WolfowitzYes
Under Secretary of the Navy1977 – 1979R. James Woolsey Jr.Yes
Education DepartmentSecretary1991 - 1993Lamar AlexanderYesFormer Governor of Tennessee
Energy DepartmentLos Alamos National Laboratory Director1970 - 1979Harold AgnewYes
Deputy Secretary2014 - 2017Elizabeth Sherwood-RandallYesSister of Co-President, Disney/ABC Television Group Ben Sherwood
1986–1988William Flynn MartinYes
Secretary2017 - 2019Rick PerryYesYes
2013 - 2017Ernest J. MonizYes
1998 - 2001Bill RichardsonYesYes
1977 - 1979James R. SchlesingerYes
1979 - 1981Charles W. DuncanYes
EPA Administrator2001 - 2003Christine Todd WhitmanYesYesFormer Governor of New Jersey
1983 - 1985William D. RuckelshausYesYes
1970 - 1973William D. RuckelshausYesYes
Federal Reserve Chairman2014 - 2018Janet YellenYes
1987 - 2006Alan GreenspanYesYesYes
1979 - 1987Paul VolckerYesYesYesFormer North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission
Vice Chairman2014 - 2017Stanley FischerYesYesYesFormer Governor of the Bank of Israel

Former First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

Former Chief Economist of the World Bank
2010 – 2014Janet YellenYes
1999 - 2006Roger W. Ferguson Jr.YesYes
1996 - 1999Alice RivlinYes
1916 – 1918Paul WarburgYes
Federal Reserve Bank of DallasChairman1987 - 1990Bobby Ray InmanYesRetired U.S. Navy admiral
President and CEO2005 - 2015Richard W. FisherYesYes
Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkChairman1994-1995Maurice R. GreenbergYesYesFormer Chairman and CEO of AIG
Director1988-1995Maurice R. GreenbergYesYesFormer Chairman and CEO of AIG
President2003 - 2009Timothy GeithnerYesYes
1985 - 1993E. Gerald CorriganYesCurrently the Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
1975 - 1979Paul VolckerYesYesYes
Vice President1954 - 1959John Exter YesHe was in charge of international banking and precious metals operations.
Federal Reserve Bank of San FranciscoPresident2004 – 2010Janet YellenYes
Federal Reserve Board of GovernorsMember 2010 – 2018Janet YellenYes
1997 - 2006Roger W. Ferguson Jr.YesYes
1996 – 1999Alice RivlinYes
1994 – 1997Janet YellenYes
1987 - 2006Alan GreenspanYesYesYes
1979 – 1987Paul VolckerYesYesYes
1914 – 1918Paul WarburgYes
Federal Trade CommissionChair1969 – 1970Caspar WeinbergerYes
Food AdministrationDirector1917 – 1918Herbert HooverYes
Global Media Agency Voice of America Director 1999–2001Sanford J. UngarYes
Health and Human ServicesAssistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response2017 – 2021Robert KadlecYesPreviously a consultant for Emergent BioSolutions biotechnology company, which he did not disclose in his Senate confirmation hearing
After joining the federal government, he insisted the government increase its stockpile of smallpox vaccines it obtained from Emergent. The government ended up doubling it's supply of vaccines, a 10-year supply, for double the price they had paid before
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director2009 - 2017Tom FriedenYesPreviously was a medical officer for the World Health Organization
2002- 2009Julie GerberdingYes
Office of Economic Opportunity Director1971 – 1972Frank CarlucciYes
Secretary2014 - 2017Sylvia BurwellYesYes
2009 - 2014Kathleen SebeliusYesFormer Governor of Kansas
2001 - 2005Tommy G. ThompsonYesYes
1993 - 2001Donna ShalalaYes
1977 - 1979Joseph CalifanoYes
1973 - 1975Casper WeinbergerYesYes
1970 - 1973Eliot L. RichardsonYesYes
(Health, Education and Welfare Department)Secretary1973 – 1975Caspar WeinbergerYes
1961 - 1962Abraham A. RibicoffYes
Under Secretary 1953 – 1954Nelson RockefellerYes
Homeland Security DepartmentCitizenship and Immigration Services Director2009 – 2013Alejandro MayorkasYes
Deputy Secretary2013 – 2016Alejandro MayorkasYes
Secretary2013 - 2017Jeh JohnsonYes
2009 - 2013Janet NapolitanoYesFormer governor of Arizona
2005 – 2009Michael ChertoffYesHe is a co-author of the anti-American USA PATRIOT Act, which called for body scanners at airports that he directly benefited from
Under Secretary for Science and Technology2009 - 2013Tara O'TooleYes
Housing and Urban Development DepartmentAssistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Policy Development and Research1977 – 1980Donna ShalalaYes
Secretary1993 - 1997Henry CisnerosYesYesFormer mayor of San Antonio, TX
1989 - 1993Jack KempYes
1975 - 1977Carla A. HillsYesYes
1973 - 1975James T. LynnYesYes
Interior DepartmentSecretary 1993 - 2001Bruce BabbittYesFormer Governor of Arizona
Justice DepartmentAssistant Attorney General for the Civil Division1973–1975Carla A. HillsYesYes
Assistant Attorney General or the Criminal Division2009 - 2013Lanny A. BreuerYes
1986 – 1988Bill WeldYes
1975–1977Dick ThornburghYes
Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division2011 – 2013Lisa MonacoYes
2006 – 2008Kenneth L. WainsteinYes
Attorney General2015 - 2017Loretta LynchYes
2009 - 2015Eric HolderYesIn 2012, Holder became the only cabinet member in history that Congress held in contempt because of his answers during the Fast and Furious gunrunning operation investigation
1993 - 2001Janet RenoYes
1988 - 1991Richard ThornburghYes
1973Eliot L. RichardsonYesYes
1964 - 1966Nicholas KatzenbachYes
1957 - 1961William P. RogersYes
1909 - 1913George W. WickershamYesFormer President of the CFR
Deputy Attorney General 2019 – 2020Jeffrey A. RosenYes
1994 - 1997Jamie S. GorelickYesYesShe advised British Petroleum following the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

She is the attorney of Jared Kuchner.
1974 - 1975Laurence H. SilbermanYes
1967 – 1969Warren ChristopherYesYes
FBI Director1978 - 1987William WebsterYes
United States Attorney for the Central District of California1998 – 2001Alejandro MayorkasYes
United States Attorney for the District of Columbia2004 – 2006Kenneth L. WainsteinYes
United States Attorney for the District of Maine1977 – 1979George J. MitchellYes
1981 – 1986Bill WeldYes
United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (Acting)1933 Thomas E. DeweyYes
United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania1969 –1975Dick ThornburghYes
Labor DepartmentAssistant Secretary1961 – 1963Daniel Patrick MoynihanYes
Secretary2001 - 2009Elaine ChaoYesMarried to Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader
1991 - 1993Lynn MartinYes
1985 - 1987Bill BrockYes
1969 - 1970George ShultzYes
Under Secretary of Labor1970 - 1973Laurence H. SilbermanYes
National IntelligenceDeputy Director2005 - 2006Michael HaydenYesU. S. Air Force General, retired
Director2009 - 2010Dennis B. Blair YesU. S. Navy Admiral, retired; Chairman, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
2005 - 2007John D. NegroponteYesYes
National Counterterrorism Center Director2020Christopher C. MillerYes
National Security AdvisorAdvisor2017 - 2018H. R. McMasterYesYesLt. General in the Army
2013 - 2017Susan RiceYesYesYes
2010 - 2013Thomas DonilonYesYesYesCurrently a Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and
2009 - 2010James L. JonesYesChairman of the Atlantic Council from 2007 - 2009. Henry Kissinger is a Director of the Council.
2005 - 2009Stephen J. HadleyYes
2001 - 2005Condoleezza RiceYes
1997 - 2001Sandy BergerYes
1989 - 1993Brent ScowcroftYes
1987 - 1989Colin L. PowellYesYes
1986 - 1987Frank Carlucci YesYes
1983 - 1985Robert McFarlaneYesHe urged Reagan to sell arms to Iran and funnel the money to Contras in Nicaragua. A few months after starting the arms deals, he urged Reagan to stop the arms deals, and soon after he resigned. He ultimately received two years probation for four misdemeanor charges and a $20,000 fine for his participation in what became the Iran-Contra scandal.
1977 - 1981Zbigniew BrzezinskiYesYesYesCo-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller
1975 - 1977Brent Scowcroft Yes
1969 - 1975Henry KissingerYesYesYes
1966 - 1969Walt RostowYes
1961 - 1966McGeorge BundyYesBrother to William Bundy
Deputy2018Mira RicardelYes
2017Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland Yes
2013 - 2015Antony BlinkenYes
2009 - 2010Thomas DonilonYesYesYes
2005 - 2009Elliott AbramsYes
2001 - 2005Stephen J. HadleyYes
1995 - 2000James B. SteinbergYesYes
1993 – 1997Sandy BergerYes
1989 - 1991Robert GatesYesYes
1987 – 1989John NegroponteYesYes
1986 – 1987Colin PowellYesYes
1982 - 1983Robert McFarlaneYes
1973 – 1975Brent Scowcroft Yes
1970 – 1973Alexander HaigYes
1961Walt RostowYes
National Security Advisor Deputy for Iraq and Afghanistan2004 - 2007O’Sullivan, Meghan L. YesYesEvron and Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
National Security Advisor to the Vice President2009 – 2013Antony BlinkenYes
National Security Council Deputy2003 - 2004Robert BlackwillYes
National Security Council Member1981 - 1982Richard PipesYesYesDirector of East European and Soviet Affairs
Previously headed Team B, a team of analysts, organized by the CIA
1977 - 1981Robert PastorYesKnown as the father of the North American Union
National Security Council Senior Director for Global Health Security and Biodefense2016 - 2017Elizabeth CameronYes
National Security Council Special Advisor on the Middle East1993 - 2001Dennis RossYesYesYes
National Security Council Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs1989 - 1993Richard N. HaassYesYes
Special Assistant to the National Security Advisor 1970–1973Winston LordYesYesYes
Securities and Exchange CommissionChairman2017 - 2020Jay ClaytonYes
2003 - 2005William H. DonaldsonYes
official 1978–1986)John P. Wheeler IIIYesFormer chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Chief executive and CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving,
Small Business AdministrationAdministrator2017 - 2019Linda McMahonYes
State DepartmentAmbassador to Afghanistan2009 - 2011Karl EikenberryYesFormer U. S. Army Lt. Genera
Ambassador to Argentina1945Spruille BradenYes
Ambassador to Belgium1993 - 1997Alan BlinkenYes
Ambassador to Bolivia1998 - 2000Donna HrinakYes
Ambassador to Brazil2002 - 2004Donna HrinakYes
1981 - 1983Langhorne A. MotleyYes
Ambassador to Canada1997 - 2001Gordon GiffinYes
Ambassador to China2009 - 2011Jon Huntsman, Jr.YesYesFormer governor of Utah
1985 - 1989Winston LordYesYesYesFormer President of the CFR from 1977 - 1985
1974 – 1975George H. W. BushYes
Ambassador to Colombia 1939 – 1942Spruille BradenYes
Ambassador to Costa Rica1987 - 1990Deane R. HintonYes
Ambassador to Cuba1942 – 1945Spruille BradenYes
Ambassador to Czechoslovakia1989 - 1992Shirley TempleYesYesFormer child movie star
Ambassador to the Dominican Republic1994 - 1997Donna HrinakYes
Ambassador to Egypt1986 – 1991Frank G. WisnerYes
Ambassador to El Salvador 1981 - 1983Deane R. HintonYes
Ambassador to France1997 - 2000Felix RohatynYes
1953 – 1957C. Douglas DillonYes
Ambassador to Georgia1992Carey CavanaughYes
Ambassador to Germany 1993 – 1994Richard HolbrookeYesYesYes
Ambassador to Ghana; 1974 - 1976Shirley TempleYesYesFormer child movie star
Ambassador to Honduras1981 – 1985John NegroponteYesYes
Ambassador to Hungary1994 - 1997Donald M. BlinkenYes
Ambassador to India2017 - 2021Kenneth JusterYes
2004 - 2009David MulfordYes
2001 – 2003Robert BlackwillYes
1994 – 1997Frank G. WisnerYes
1973 – 1975Daniel Patrick MoynihanYes
Ambassador to Indonesia1986 – 1989Paul WolfowitzYes
Ambassador to Iraq 2004 – 2005John NegroponteYesYes
Ambassador to Israel2000 - 2001Martin IndykYes
1995 - 1997Martin IndykYes
Ambassador to Japan2001 – 2005Howard BakerYes
1993 – 1996Walter MondaleYesYesYes
Ambassador to Jordan1998 - 2001William J. BurnsYesYes
Ambassador to Liberia2008 – 2012Linda Thomas-GreenfieldYes
Ambassador to Malta2012 - 2016Gina Abercrombie-WinstanleyYes
Ambassador to Mexico2016 - 2018Roberta S. JacobsonYes
1993 - 1997James R. JonesYes
1989 – 1993John NegroponteYesYes
Ambassador to the Netherlands1983 - 1986Paul BremerYes
Ambassador to the Organization of American States1989 - 1993Luigi R. EinaudiYes
Ambassador to Pakistan2001 - 2002Wendy J. ChamberlinYes
1983 - 1986Deane R. HintonYes
Ambassador to Panama1990 - 1994Deane R. HintonYes
Ambassador to the Phillipines1993 – 1996John NegroponteYesYes
1991 – 1992Frank G. WisnerYes
Ambassador to Portugal1975 – 1978Frank CarlucciYes
Ambassador to Russia
2017 - 2019Jon Huntsman, Jr.YesYesFormer Chairman of the Atlantic Council (a NWO org)
2005 - 2008William J. BurnsYesYes
1993 - 1996Thomas R. PickeringYes
1952 George F. KennanYes
1943 – 1946W. Averell HarrimanYes
Ambassador to Saudi Arabia2019 - 2021John AbizaidYesU.S. Army 4-star general, retired
Ambassador to Thailand1953 - 1954William vanden HeuvelYes
Ambassador to Ukraine1993 - 1998William Green MillerYes
1992 - 1993Roman PopadiukYes
Ambassador to the United Kingdom2017 - 2021Robert Wood Johnson IVYesCo-owner of the New York Jets
Heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune
1997 - 2001Philip LaderYesFormer Vice-chairman of RAND corporation (a NWO corp)
1946W. Averell HarrimanYes
1918 - 1921John W. DavisYesFormer President of the CFR
Ambassador to Venezuela2000 - 2002Donna HrinakYes
Ambassador to Yugoslavia1977 – 1981Lawrence EagleburgerYes
1975 - 1976Laurence H. SilbermanYes
1961 – 1963George F. KennanYes
Ambassador to Zaire1974 - 1975Deane R. HintonYes
Ambassador to Zambia 1979 – 1982Frank G. WisnerYes
Ambassador and Special Negotiator for Eurasian Conflicts1999 – 2001Carey CavanaughYes
Assistant Secretary of State2002 - 2005Kim HolmesYes
2001 - 2003Walter H. Kansteiner, IIIYes
1997 - 2001Susan RiceYesYesYes
1993 - 1997Winston LordYesYesYesFormer President of the CFR from 1977 - 1985
1989 - 1992Janet G. Mullins GrissomYes
1988 - 1989Richard S. WilliamsonYes
1981 - 1989Eliot AbramsYes
1977 - 1979Leslie H. GelbYesDirector of the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
Future president of the Council on Foreign Relations
1977 - 1978Joseph DuffeyYesYes
1945 - 1947Spruille BradenYes
Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs2013 – 2017Linda Thomas-GreenfieldYes
2001 - 2003Walter H. Kansteiner IIIYesHe is a founding principal of The Scowcroft Group, (a NWO org)
Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs1945 – 1947Spruille BradenYes
1944 – 1945Nelson RockefellerYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Relations1961 – 1964Fred DuttonYes
Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs2009 - 2013Kurt M. CampbellYesMarried to Lael BraInard
1993 – 1997Winston LordYesYesYesFormer President of the Council on Foreign Relations
1982 – 1986Paul WolfowitzsYe
1977 – 1981Richard HolbrookesYesYesYe
1964 – 1969William BundyYes
1961 – 1963W. Averell HarrimanYes
1950 – 1951Dean RuskYesYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs1977 - 1978Joseph DuffeyYes
Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs1981 – 1982Lawrence EagleburgerYes
Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs1994 – 1996Richard HolbrookeYesYesYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs1981 - 1985Elliott AbramsYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs1985 - 1989Elliott AbramsYes
Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs2002 - 2005Kim HolmesYesFormer Executive Vice-President of the Heritage Foundation, (a NWO org)
1988 – 1989Richard S. WilliamsonYes
1981Elliott AbramsYes
1949 – 1949Dean RuskYesYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs1993 – 1996Wendy ShermanYesYes
1989–1992Janet G. Mullins GrissomYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs2001 - 2005William J. BurnsYesYes
1997 - 1999Martin IndykYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific 1985 – 1987John NegroponteYesYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs1993 - 1996Thomas DonilonYesYesYes
Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs 2001 - 2005Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr.Yes
Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs2011 - 2016Roberta S. JacobsonYes
1983 – 1985Langhorne A. MotleyYes
Bureau of Inter-American Affairs Member1986 -1988Robert KaganYes
Chief of Protocol of the United States1976 – 1977Shirley TempleYesYes
Consultant 1967–1973Stephen M. SchwebelYes
Counselor of the State Department 2005 – 2007Philip D. ZelikowYes
1997 – 2001Wendy ShermanYesYes
1993 – 1994Tim WirthYes
1992 – 1993Kenneth JusterYesYes
1981 - 19982Robert McFarlaneYes
1966 – 1968Robert R. BowieYesYes
1961 – 1966Walt RostowYes
1949 – 1950George F. KennanYes
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State1976 - 1979Steve PieczenikYes
1990 - 1993David MalpassYes
Deputy Secretary of State2015 - 2017Antony BlinkenYes
2011 - 2014William J. BurnsYesYes
2009 - 2011James B. SteinbergYesYes
2009 - 2010Jack LewYes
2007 - 2009John D. NegroponteYesYes
2005 - 2006Robert B. ZoellickYesYesYes
2001 - 2005Richard ArmitageYes
1994 - 2001Strobe TalbottYesChairman of Brookings Institution, partially financed by George Soros
1989 – 1992Lawrence EagleburgerYes
1985 - 1989John C. WhiteheadYesFormer Chairman of Goldman Sachs (a NWO corp)
Held several positions at Rockefeller-created institutions through several decades
1977 – 1981Warren ChristopherYesYes
Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources2011 - 2013Thomas R. NidesYesMarried to CNN Washington Deputy Bureau Chief and Vice President for CNN
Executive Secretary1996 - 1998William J. BurnsYesYes
1981 - 1983Paul BremerYes
Foreign Affairs Policy Board Chairman2011 - 2019Strobe TalbottYesYesPresident of the Brookings Institution

Former Deputy Secretary of State
Foreign Affairs Policy Board Member2014 - 2018R. Nicholas BurnsYesYesCurrent member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations
2014 - 2018Johnnie CarsonYes
2014 - 2018Stephen A. CheneyYesU. S. Marine Corps Brigadier General, retired
2014 - 2018Nelson CunninghamYes
2014 - 2018Karen Donfried Yes
2014 - 2018Anne M. FinucaneYes
2014 - 2018Joseph NyeYesYes
2011 - 2015Ann FudgeYes
2011 - 2015Helene GayleYes
2011 - 2018Stephen Hadley YesCurrent member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations
2011 - 2018Jane HarmanYes
2011 - 2015Nina HachigianYes
2011 - 2019Carla HillsYesFormer Co-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations
2011 - 2015Alberto IbargüenYes
2011 - 2018Robert KaganYes
2011 - 2015Jim KolbeYes
2011 - 2015Stephen KrasnerYes
2011 - 2015Ellen LaipsonYes
2011 - 2015Mack McLartyYesYes
2011 - 2018Mike MullenYesYes
2011 - 2018Vali NasrYes
2011 - 2018John NegroponteYesYesFormer Deputy Secretary of State

Former Director of National Intelligence
2011 - 2015Jacqueline NovogratzYes
2011 - 2018Tom Pickering YesYesFormer Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
2011 - 2018Anne-Marie SlaughterYesYesFormer State Department Director of Policy Planning
2011 - 2015James SteinbergYesYes
2011 - 2015Laura TysonYes
2011 - 2015Rich VermaYes
Foreign Service Director General 2012 – 2013Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Human Resources Director2012 – 2013Linda Thomas-GreenfieldYes
International Law, Counselor 1973Stephen M. SchwebelYes
Legal Adviser Deputy 1974–1981Stephen M. SchwebelYes
Peace Corps Director1991 - 1992Elaine ChaoYes
Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization2017 - 2021Kay Bailey HutchisonYes
Policy Planning Director2009 - 2011Anne-Marie SlaughterYesBert G. Kerstetter '66 University Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
2001 - 2003Richard HaassYesYes
1998 - 2001Morton HalperinYes
1994 – 1996James SteinbergYesYes
1981 – 1982Paul WolfowitzYes
1973–1977Winston LordYesYesYes
1961 – 1966Walt RostowYes
1953 – 1957Robert R. BowieYes
1950–1953Paul NitzeYes
1947 – 1949George F. KennanYes
Policy Planning Staff Member1984 - 1986Robert KaganYes
Secretary2017 - 2018Rex TillersonYes
2013 - 2017John KerryYes
2009 - 2013Hillary ClintonYesFormer U. S. Senator from New York
2005 - 2009Condoleezza RiceYes
2001 - 2005Colin L. PowellYesYes
1997 - 2001Madeleine K. AlbrightYesYesShe famously said that 500,000 Iraqi children starving to death was an acceptable price to pay for eliminating the nonexistent WMDs that Saddam Hussein allegedly had
1993 - 1997Warren ChristopherYesYes
1992 - 1993Lawrence EagleburgerYesYes
1989 - 1992James BakerYes
1982 - 1989George P. ShultzYes
1981 - 1982Alexander HaigYesYes
1980 - 1981Edmund MuskieYes
1977 - 1980Cyrus VanceYesYes
1973 - 1977Henry KissingerYesYesYes
1969 - 1973William P. RogersYes
1961 - 1969Dean RuskYesYes
1959 - 1961Christian A. HerterYesYes
1953 - 1959John F. DullesYes
1949 - 1953Dean AchesonYes
1947 - 1949George C. MarshallYesA famous World War II Army general, The Marshall Plan, officially the European Recovery Program, was named after him.
1944 - 1945Edward R. StettiniusYes
1933 - 1944Cordell HullYes
1929 - 1933Henry L. StimsonYes
1925 - 1929Frank B. KelloggYes
Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, 1966 – 1967Stephen M. SchwebelYes
Special Envoy for Middle East Peace2013 - 2014Martin IndykYesPreviously was executive vice president at the Brookings Institution (a NWO org)
2009 – 2011George J. MitchellYes
Special Envoy for Northern Ireland2014 - 2017Gary HartYesFormer US Senator
2001 – 2003Richard N. HaassYesFuture president of the Council on Foreign Relations
1995 – 2001George J. MitchellYes
Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan2009 – 2010Richard HolbrookeYesYesYes
State Department official and Ambassador1978 - 1991Morton I. AbramowitzYes
1968 - 1989L. Paul BremerYesAdministrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq, 2003 - 2004
1961 - 1981Stephen M. Schwebel Yes
1961 - 1963George KennanYesFormer International Court of Justice judge
Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security2012 - 2016Rose GottemoellerYes
Under Secretary of State1997 - 2000Thomas R. PickeringYesYes
1993 - 1997Joan E. SperoYes
1993 - 1997Peter Tarnoff YesFormer President of the CFR
1966 - 1969Eugene RostowYes
1961 - 1966George Wildman BallYes
1959 - 1961C. Douglas DillonYes
1959 - 1961Christian A. HerterYesYes
1947 – 1949Robert A. LovettYes
1920 – 1921Norman DavisYesFormer Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Future president of the Council on Foreign Relations
Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs2001 - 2009Paula Dobriansky YesCurrently a Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University,
1994 – 1997Tim WirthYes
Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs1977 - 1981Richard N. CooperYesCurrently the Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics, Harvard University
1961 George Ball Yes
Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment1958 – 1959C. Douglas DillonYes
Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs1992–1993Frank G. WisnerYes
1973 - 1974William H. DonaldsonYes
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs2011 - 2015Wendy ShermanYesYesResident Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics
2008 - 2011William J. BurnsYesYes
2005 - 2008R. Nicholas BurnsYesYesCurrently he is a Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government; he is on the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations
1993 – ,1997Peter TarnoffYesFormer president of the Council on Foreign Relations
1982 – 1984Lawrence EagleburgerYes
1966 – 1969Eugene V. RostowYes
1963 – 1965W. Averell HarrimanYes
Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs2009 - 2011Judith A. McHaleYesPresident and CEO of Cane Investments

Former President and CEO of Discovery Communications
United States Agency for International Development Administrator2010 – 2015Rajiv ShahYesFormerly worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
United States Agency for International Development Deputy Administrator2019 - 2020Bonnie GlickYesPreviously worked at IBM (a NWO corp)
United States Ambassador to the European office of the United Nations in Geneva 1977 - 1979William vanden HeuvelYes
United States Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe2019 - 2021Jim GilmoreYesFormer governor of Virginia
United States UN Alternate Representative Ambassador1997 - 2001Nancy SoderbergYes
United States UN Ambassador2009 - 2013Susan RiceYesYesYesFormer Federal Reserve Bank of New York President
2007 - 2009Zalmay KhalilzadYesServed two other ambassadorships
2005 - 2006John R. BoltonYesYes
2001 - 2004John D. NegroponteYesYes
1999 - 2001Richard HolbrookeYesYesYes
1997 - 1998Bill RichardsonYesYesFormer governor of NM
1993 - 1997Madeleine AlbrightYes
1989 - 1992Thomas R. PickeringYes
1985 - 1989Vernon A. WaltersYes U. S. Army General, retired
1981 - 1985Jeane KirkpatrickYes
1975 – 1976Daniel Patrick MoynihanYes
1968 George Ball Yes
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agricultur1998 – 2001George McGovernYes
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights2005–2006Rudy BoschwitzYesFormer U.S. Senator from Minnesota
1993 – 1996Geraldine FerraroYes
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council (formerly the United Nations Commission on Human Rights) 2010 - 2013Eileen DonahoeYes
United States Ambassador to the United Nations International Organizations in Vienna1983 – 1985Richard S. WilliamsonYes
United States Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations1979–1981William vanden HeuvelYes
United States Information Agency Director1993 - 1999Joseph DuffeyYes
Transportation DepartmentDeputy Secretary 2017 – 2019Jeffrey A. RosenYes
1989 - 1991Elaine ChaoYes
Federal Maritime Commission Chair1988 - 1989Elaine ChaoYes
Federal Maritime Commission Commissioner1988 - 1989Elaine ChaoYes
General Counsel2003 – 2006Jeffrey A. RosenYes
Secretary2017 - 2021Elaine ChaoYesAccording to the inspector general of the Transportation Dep., Chao supported her family's shipping business numerous times as Transportation Secretary
She is married to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate minority leader
1975 - 1977William T. ColemanYesYes
Treasury DepartmentAssistant Secretary of Treasury1917 - 1921Norman H. DavisYesFormer President of the CFR
Assistant Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs1984 - 1988David C. MulfordYes
1977 - 1981C. Fred BergstenYesFormer Assistant for International Economic Affairs for the National Security Council
Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Public Affairs2019 – 2021Monica CrowleyYes
Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary 1981 - 1989David MalpassYes
Deputy Treasury Secretary2005 – 2009Robert M. KimmittYesYes
1995 – 1999Lawrence SummersYesYesYes
General Counsel 1981 – 1985 Peter J. WallisonYes
Secretary2017 - 2021Steve MnuchinYes
2013 - 2017Jack LewYes
2009 - 2013Timothy GeithnerYesYes
2006 - 2009Henry PaulsonYesFormer CEO of Goldman Sachs
1999 - 2001Larry SummersYesYesYes
1995 - 1999Robert E. RubinYesFuture president of the Council on Foreign Relations
1993 - 1994Lloyd BentsenYes1988 Vice-Presidential Candidate
1988 - 1993Nicholas BradyYes
1985 - 1988James Baker Yes
1981 - 1985Donald T. ReganYes
1979 - 1981G. William MillerYes
1977 - 1979W. Michael BlumenthalYes
1974 - 1977William E. SimonYes
1972 - 1974George ShultzYes
1969 - 1971David M. KennedyYes
1965 - 1968Henry H. FowlerYes
1961 - 1965C. Douglas DillonYes
1957 - 1961Robert B. AndersonYes
1934 - 1945Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Yes
1933William H. WoodinYes
1932 - 1933Ogden L. MillsYes
1921 - 1932Andrew W. MellonYes
Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance1992 – 1993Jerome PowellYes
Under Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement
(now called Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence)
1998 – 2001Jim Johnson Yes
Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs2017 - 2019David MalpassYes
2010 - 2013Lael BrainardYesYesMarried to Kurt M. Campbell
2007 - 2009David McCormickYesYes
1993 – 1995Lawrence SummersYesYesYes
1988 - 1992- David C. MulfordYes
Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence2011 - 2015David S. CohenYes
U. S. Agency for International Development Administrator2010 - 2015Rajiv ShahYesPresident, Rockefeller Foundation
Veterans AffairsSecretary2009 - 2014Eric ShinsekiYesFormer Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army
1998 - 2000Togo D. West, Jr.Yes
White HouseAppointments Secretary1968 - 1969James R. JonesYes
Cabinet Secretary1961Fred DuttonYes
Chief of Staff2012 - 2013Jack LewYes
2011 - 2012William M. DaleyYes
2006 - 2009Josh Bolten Yes
1993 - 1994Thomas F. McLarty III YesYesHe was instrumental in the passage of NAFTA and the FTAA trade agreements

He is a lifelong friend of Bill Clinton
1992 - 1993James BakerYes
1988 - 1989Kenneth DubersteinYes
1987 - 1988Howard BakerYes
1981 - 1985James BakerYes
1975 – 1977Dick CheneyYesYes
1973 – 1974Alexander HaigYes
Communications Director2017Anthony ScaramucciYesYesPreviously worked at Goldman Sachs (a NWO corp)
1993George StephanopoulosYes
1981 - 1983David GergenYesYesCurrently a political analyst for CNN.
1975 - 1977David GergenYesYesCurrently a political analyst for CNN.
Counsel 2021 – 2022Jeffrey ZientsYes
1994 – 1998Thomas F. McLarty III YesYes
1993 - 1994David GergenYesYes
1986 - 1987Peter J. WallisonYes
1969 – 1970Daniel Patrick MoynihanYes
Council of Economic Advisers Chairman2017 - 2019Kevin HassettYes
2010 - 2011Austan GoolsbeeYes
1997 – 1999Janet YellenYes
1982 - 1984Martin S. FeldsteinYesYesGeorge F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University
1974 - 1977Alan GreenspanYesYesYes
Council of Economic Advisers Member2009 – 2011Cecilia RouseYesYes
COVID-19 Response Team Coordinator2021 – 2022Jeffrey ZientsYes
Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director for National Security Strategy2018Nadia SchadlowYesYesHer husband, Philip Michael Murphy, is an employee of the Rubenstein media relations firm. The executive vice president of Rubenstein is Nancy Haberman. Nancy's daughter is New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

National Security Adviser McMaster has been accused of leaking information to the media. How difficult would that be for him to do?

This position is part of the National Security Council.
Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs2017Kenneth JusterYesYesThis position is part of the National Security Council
Deputy Chief of Staff2005 - 2007Karl RoveYes
1992 – 1993Robert ZoellickYesYesYes
1987 - 1988Kenneth DubersteinYes
1974 – 1975Dick CheneyYesYes
Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy1997 - 1998Sylvia Mathews BurwellYesYes
Deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget 1973 - 1975Fred MalekYes
Executive Secretary of the National Security Council1985–1986William Flynn MartinYes
Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Chairman2005 - 2009Stephen FriedmanYes
High Commissioner for Occupied Germany1949 – 1952John J. McCloyYesFuture Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations
Homeland Security Advisor2013 – 2017Lisa MonacoYes
2008 – 2009Kenneth L. WainsteinYes
2004 - 2007Frances TownsendYesYesAdvisory Board member of the Partnership for a Secure America (a NWO org)
Iraq Intelligence Commission Chair
2004 – 2005Chuck RobbYesYesFormer U.S. Senator from Virginia
Former Governor of Virginia
Legislative Affairs Director1982 - 1983Kenneth DubersteinYes
Media Affairs Director 2017 - 2018Helen Aguirre FerréYes
National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Member2010 - 2011Ann M. FudgeYesRockefeller Foundation (a NWO org) trustee
Brookings Institution (a NWO org) trustee
New America Foundation, (a NWO corp) member
National Economic Council Deputy Director2017Kenneth JusterYesYes
2009 - 2011Diana FarrellYesCEO and President, JPMorgan Chase Institute
National Economic Council Director2017Gary D. CohnYes He was the President and COO of Goldman Sachs
2014 – 2017Jeffrey ZientsYes
2009 - 2011Larry SummersYesYesYesFormer President of Harvard University
1993 – 1995Robert RubinYesFormer Co-chair of Goldman Sachs (a NWO corp)
National Economic Council Member1998 - 1999Cecilia RouseYesYes
National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman2009 - 2013Jim LeachYes
1977 – 1981Joseph DuffeyYes
National Intelligence Council Chair1993 - 1994Joseph S. Nye, Jr.YesNorth American Chairman, Trilateral Commission

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
National Intelligence Director2005 - 2007John D. NegroponteYes
National Security Council Co-ordinator for the Southern Border2021Roberta S. JacobsonYes
National Security Council member1977 - 1981Robert PastorYesReferred to as the "Father of the North American Union," he laid the groundwork to unite Canada, the United States, and Mexico into a union like the European Union.
National Security Council Senior Director for Europe and Russia2017 - 2019Fiona Hill YesYesShe is a trustees of the Eurasia Foundation (a NWO org)
She periodically works at the Brookings Institution (a NW.O org)
National Security Council Staff Director 1993 - 1997Nancy SoderbergYes
Office of Management and Budget Chief Performance Officer 2009 – 2013Jeffrey ZientsYes
Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director for Management2009 – 2013Jeffrey ZientsYes
Office of Management and Budget Director2013 - 2014Sylvia BurwellYesYes
2012 – 2013Jeffrey ZientsYes
2010 - 2012Jack LewYes
2010Jeffrey ZientsYes
2009 - 2010Peter R. OrszagYesYesYes
2003 - 2006Josh BoltonYes
2001 - 2003Mitch DanielsYes
1998 - 2001Jack LewYes
1994 - 1996Alice RivlinYes
1993 - 1994Leon E. PanettaYes
1972 – 1973Caspar WeinbergerYes
1970 – 1972George ShultzYes
Office of Science and Technology Policy Director2021 - 2022Eric LanderYesResigned after admitting accusations against him of bullying and demeaning behavior towards subordinates was true
He is a mathematician and geneticist
2009 - 2017John HoldrenYesBelieves a woman should be able to have an abortion until the child turns three-years-old!
Political Affairs Director 1992–1993Janet G. Mullins GrissomYes
President of the United States2009 - 2017Barack ObamaYesConstitutionally ineligible to be president
1993 - 2001Bill ClintonYesYesYesPreviously governor of Arkansas
1989 - 1993George H. W. BushYesYes
1977 - 1981Jimmy CarterYesYesPreviously governor of Georgia
1974 - 1977Gerald FordYesYes
1969 - 1974Richard NixonYes
1961 - 1963John F. KennedyYes
1952 - 1961Dwight D. EisenhowerYes
1929 - 1933Herbert HooverYes
Presidential Adviser2003 - 2004Dan SenorYes
1992 - 1993Vernon JordanYesYes
1960 - 1961Henry Merritt WristonYesFormer President of the CFR
Presidential Aide1988 - 1989John Wheeler IIIYesHe served in various other positions in government, and in 2010 he was murdered and his body was found in a landfill
Presidential Assistant1970 - 1973Fred MalekYesHe designed and directed the "Responsiveness Program", a strategy to replace civil servants with Nixon supporters and to steer government resources to benefit Nixon's 1972 re-election. He said at the time that the plan would take "substantial risks" in politicizing the Executive Branch and expressed concern that the plan would "undoubtably backfire" if made public.
President's Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity Member2020Arturo PorzecanskiYes
President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board Chairman2009 - 2011Paul VolckerYesYesYes
President's Intelligence Advisory Board Chair2014 - 2017Judith A. MiscikYesYes
2009 – 2013David BorenYes
2001 – 2005Brent ScowcroftYes
1994 – 1995Les AspinYes
1993 – 1994Brent ScowcroftYes
President’s Strategic and Policy Forum Chairman2017Stephen A. SchwarzmanYes
President’s Strategic and Policy Forum Member2017Jamie Dimon YesChairman of The Business Roundtable (a NWO org) and Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase (a NWO corp)

2017Laurence D. FinkYesChairman and CEO, Blackrock (a NWO corp)
2017W. James McNerney Jr. YesChairman, The Being Cmpany (a NWO corp)
2017Indra NooyiYesYesCEO of PepsiCo (a NWO corp)
2017Virginia M. RomettyYesPresident and CEO of IBM (a NWO corp)
2017Kevin WarshYesBoard of Directors member of UPS (a NWO corp)
2017John (Jack) F. Welch Jr.YesFormer Chairman and CEO of General Electric (a NWO corp)
2017Daniel YergiYesYesYesU.S. Department of Energy's Task Force on Strategic Energy Research and Development Chair
Press Secretary2006 - 2007Tony SnowYes
1993George StephanopoulosYesYes
1965 - 1967Bill MoyersYesAfter leaving government, he worked on several news networks, primarily PBS
Press Secretary Deputy2917 - 2019Raj ShahYes
Senior Advisor to the President1993 – 1996George StephanopoulosYes
Senior Counselor to the President for Economic Initiativesand Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy2917 - 2018Dina Habib PowellYesYes
Social Innovation and Civic Participation Office Director2011–2014Jonathan GreenblattYes
Solicitor General of the United States1913 - 1918John W. DavisYesFormer President of the CFR
Speechwriting Director 1991 – 1993Tony SnowYes
1973 - 1974David GergenYesYes
Special Assistant to the President1961 - 1964Fred DuttonYes
1961 - 1964Arthur SchlesingerYesAlso a speechwriter for several democratic presidential candidates
Special Assistant to the President and Associate White House Counsel2017 - 2019Schuyler SchoutenYes
2009 - 2013Michael J, GottliebYesMarried to Ari Shapiro, an NPR international correspondent
Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Asia 2017 - 2019Matthew PottingerYesThis position is a member of the National Security Council.
Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Democracy at the National Security Council 1994–1996Morton HalperinYes
Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Europe and Russia2017 - 2019Fiona HillYesTrustees of the Eurasia Foundation (a NWO org)
Has worked periodically for the Brookings Institution (a NWO org)
Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Gulf States2017 - 2018Joel Rayburn YesThis position is a member of the National Security Council.
Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Issues 2017 - 2021Christopher FordYesThis position is a member of the National Security Council.
Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs1983–1985William Flynn MartinYes
Special Counsel to the President1997 - 1999Lanny A. BreuerYes
1970 - 1976Michael Raoul DuvalYes
Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant2014 - 2015John R. AllenYesYesU.S. Marine Corps General (4-star), retired
Special Representative
for Iran
2020 - 2021Elliott AbramsYes
Special Representative
for Venezuela
2019 - 2021Elliott AbramsYes
Staff Secretary1981David GergenYesYes
Strategic Initiatives for the White House Strategic Development Group Director2017 - 2018Chris LiddellYesYes
Transition Team Foreign Affairs Advisor 2008 - 2009Richard N. HaassYesYesCurrent CFR President; former state department director of policy planning
United States Institute of Peace Member2003 - 2005Daniel PipesYes
United States Trade Representative2017 - 2021Robert LighthizerYes
2013 - 2017Michael FromanYes
2006 - 2009Susan SchwabYes
2001 - 2005Robert B. ZoellickYesYesYes
1997 - 2001Charlene BarshefskyYes
1989 - 1993Carla A. HillsYesShe was the principal U.S. negotiator for NAFTA
Future president of the Council on Foreign Relations
1981 - 1985Bill BrockYes
1962 - 1966Christian A. HerterYesYesFirst Trade Representative
United States Trade Representative Deputy1993 - 1997Charlene BarshefskyYesYesWas chief negotiator bringing China into the World Trade Organization
Urban Affairs Advisor1969 – 1969Daniel Patrick MoynihanYes
Vice President's Counsel 1975 – 1976 Peter J. WallisonYes
Vice President of the United States2009 - 2017Joe BidenYesFormer U. S. Senator from Delaware
2001 - 2009Dick Cheney YesYes
1993 - 2001Al GoreYes
1989 - 1993Dan QuayleYes
1981 - 1989George H. W. BushYesYes
1977 - 1981Walter Mondale YesYesYes
1974 - 1977Nelson RockefellerYesBrother of David Rockefeller, who created the Trilateral Commission
1965 - 1969Hubert HumphreyYes
1953 - 1961Richard NixonYes
Vice President's National Security Advisor 1991–1992Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr.Yes
Vice-Presidential Chief-of-Staff2001 - 2005Lewis LibbyYes"Scooter" Libby was sentenced to 30 months in prison for perjury. President Bush commuted the sentence several weeks later.
1989 - 1993William KristolYesFounder and Editor of "The Weekly Standard"; CNN and FOX News contributor
Vice Presidential Press Secretary2001 - 2002Juleanna Glover WeissYes
White House Chief Emissary 2009Richard HolbrookeYesYesYesBecame the U. S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
White House Chief Emissary 2009Dennis RossYesYesYesFormer National Security Council Special Advisor on the Middle East


Our Founding Fathers were very concerned that the Constitution did not put enough restraints on the judiciary. Now we know why they were so justly concerned.

Thomas Jefferson was very worried about the power of the judiciary and mentioned it many times:

“[T]he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves, in their, own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.” — 1804

“The Constitution…is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary which they may twist and shape into any form they please.” — 1819

“It has long, however, been my opinion, and I have never shrunk from its expression…that the germ of dissolution of our federal government is in the constitution of the federal Judiciary; an irresponsible body, (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow) working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief, over the field of jurisdiction, until all shall be usurped from the States, and the government of all be consolidated into one.” — 1821

“At the establishment of our constitutions, the judiciary bodies were supposed to be the most helpless and harmless members of the government. Experience, however, soon showed in what way they were to become the most dangerous; that the insufficiency of the means provided for their removal gave them a freehold and irresponsibility in office; that their decisions, seeming to concern individual suitors only, pass silent and unheeded by the public at large; that these decisions, nevertheless, become law by precedent, sapping, by little and little, the foundations of the constitution, and working its change by construction, before any one has perceived that that invisible and helpless worm has been busily employed in consuming its substance. In truth, man is not made to be trusted for life, if secured against all liability to account.” — 1823

In 1788, Alexander Hamilton described what we seem to be experiencing today:

“And it proves, in the last place, that liberty can have nothing to fear from the judiciary alone, but would have everything to fear from its union with either of the other departments. “

Remember, on January 14, 2009, Obama and Biden met with Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts for a private “protocol visit” with no reporters or photographers present. This was one week before the usurper in the White House was sworn into office. The meeting itself wasn’t that unusual, but at the time, Roberts had several cases pending before him challenging Obama’s eligibility to be president. What could they have possibly talked about at the meeting??? All of the eligibility cases were eventually thrown out.

Any Supreme Court decisions that are the opposite of the values and beliefs America used to stand for, should not come as a surprise, since two of the liberal justices are traitors to the American Republic. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (appointed in 1993) and Justice Stephen Breyer (appointed in 1994) are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, whose goal is the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States.

After the Obamacare and homosexual marriage Supreme Court rulings, voters overwhelmingly believe states should be able to ignore federal court rulings.  In the wake of the two Supreme Court rulings, a nationwide Rasmussen survey found that 33% of likely voters felt that, as long as their elected officials agreed, federal court rulings should be able to be rejected by states. In a poll taken four months before the rulings were announced, 24% believed states should be able to reject rulings.


The Affordable Care Act Ruling —

On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court again saved Obamacare by ruling that it allows the federal government to provide nationwide tax subsidies to help poor and middle-class people buy health insurance.  Justice Scalia’s dissent referred to the interpretation of the law by the majority as being “quite absurd” and “interpretive jiggery-pokery.” He also said, “We really should start calling this law Scotus-care.”

The rule of law is the foundation of the Constitution, and means that the rule of law is superior to the rule of man, and no one is above the law. Tyranny occurs when laws are ambiguously written, or can be decided on the whim of a judge. The Affordable Care Act decision (King v. Burwell) is an example of the rule of law being replaced with the political will of a majority of Justices on the Court.

The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling —

The very next day, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court made another tyrannical decision when it ruled that the federal government must recognize homosexual marriages sanctioned by the states, but states can still ban homosexual marriages.

In his dissent, Justice Scalia wrote that, “I write separately to call attention to this Court’s threat to American democracy . . . Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court . . . This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves.

He also wrote that, “Today’s opinion aggrandizes the power of the court to pronounce the law.” It will have the predictable consequence of diminishing the “power of our people to govern themselves.” The “assertion of judicial supremacy over the people’s representatives in Congress and the executive” is “jaw-dropping . . . It envisions a Supreme Court standing (or rather enthroned) at the apex of government, empowered to decide all constitutional questions, always and everywhere ‘primary’ in its role . . . This image of the court would have been unrecognizable to those who wrote and ratified our national charter.”

The ruling was unconstitutional for several reasons, including that only the elected branches of the government that are directly accountable to the people can make public policy. As Federalist Paper No. 78, written by Alexander Hamilton, explains:

The judiciary . . . has no influence over either the sword or the purse; no direction either of the strength or of the wealth of the society, and can take no active resolution whatever. It may truly be said to have neither force nor will. (emphasis added)

Several months after the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling, Supreme Court Justice Scalia gave a speech at Santa Clara University. In his speech, Scalia expressed his belief that the “destruction of our democratic system” is being promoted by the “liberal” Supreme Court. He also said that the court is giving citizens rights that the Constitution doesn’t specifically guarantee, like gay marriage and federally subsidized health insurance. Scalia wrote in his dissent position that, “To allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation: no social transformation without representation.”

Scalia mentioned that treating the U. S. Constitution as a “living document” began in the 1920s, when Supreme Court justices interpreted the “guarantee of due process of law to protect fundamental rights not explicitly mentioned in constitutional text.”

In 2004, the Supreme Court struck down its own decision of 17 years previous in Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), in which it had upheld such State laws by declaring that sodomy was not protected behavior and was not a constitutional right. That decision upset Justices Scalia, Rehnquist, and Thomas so much that Justice Scalia wrote a very blunt dissent. They knew the Court’s decision would result in dramatic cultural upheaval.  As they warned:

State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity are likewise. . . . called into question by today’s decision. . . . What a massive disruption of the current social order. . . . [and t]his reasoning leaves on pretty shaky grounds state laws limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples. . . . Today’s opinion dismantles the structure of constitutional law that has permitted a distinction to be made between heterosexual and homosexual unions, insofar as formal recognition in marriage is concerned.

The Supreme Court unconstitutionally cited foreign court cases to explain its decision to overturn its previous ruling in the Bowers case:

To the extent Bowers relied on values we share with a wider civilization, it should be noted that the reasoning and holding in Bowers have been rejected elsewhere. The European Court of Human Rights has followed not Bowers but its own decision in Dudgeon v. United Kingdom (Eur. Ct. hr, Sept. 25, 2001); Modinos v. Cyprus, 259 Eur. Ct. hr (1993); Norris v. Ireland, 142 Eur. Ct. hr (1988). Other nations, too, have taken action consistent with an affirmation of the protected right of homosexual adults to engage in intimate, consensual conduct. See Brief for Mary Robinson et al. The right the petitioners seek in this case has been accepted as an integral part of human freedom in many other countries.

What about the U. S. Constitution the justices took as oath to uphold, that says the Constitution is the supreme law of the land? Where does it say that if other nations won’t follow our Supreme Court’s decision, we abandon our position and follow theirs?

The European Court of Human Rights referenced in the decision is part of the New World Order. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that since other countries believed in “same-sex sodomy between consenting adults,” the Supreme Court “should pay due respect to these opinions of humankind.” The Commissioner also said that “legal concepts like ˜privacy,” ˜liberty,” and ˜equality” are not US property but have global meaning- and therefore- “ even though these words are prevalent throughout American law-“ they should be defined “in light of foreign interpretations” not American interpretations. The Commissioner warned that “controversies with the United State’s closest global allies” would result if the Supreme Court ignored the rulings of those countries. The UN is a front organization for the New World Order.

The Supreme Court should use only the Constitution when deciding cases. Yet Clinton (BB, CFR, TC) Supreme Court appointees Breyer (CFR) and Ginsburg (CFR) have based their decisions about policies on international treaty provisions. On one occasion when Justicr Stevens used foreign authority as a precedent, Justice Scalia said that “The views of other nations“- however enlightened the Justices of this Court may think them to be- “ cannot be imposed upon Americans through the Constitution.”

It is interesting to note that right after the same-sex decision was announced, several Justices met with foreign judges in Florence, Italy, on a proposed new European constitution. Also, Justices Breyer (CFR) and O’Connor (CFR) defended using international precedent during a television appearance. Justice Breyer questioned the relevance of the Constitution in the new “modern” age. Breyer said that the Founders and the Constitution “didn’t have automobiles in mind, or they didn’t have airplanes in mind, or telephones, or the Internet; or you look at a word like ˜liberty,” and they didn’t have in mind at that time the problems of privacy.- That is, since those words don’t expressly appear in the Constitution, we will reject the timeless constitutional principles that do apply to these modern issues and instead enact a new “modern” judicially-written Constitution. Justice O’Connor said that, “Over time, we will rely increasingly, or take notice at least increasingly, on international and foreign courts in examining domestic issues.”

It appears that the New World Order has had control over the United States Supreme Court for quite some time. That would certainly explain a lot of the decisions they have made over the years!

Any Supreme Court Justice that looks to foreign law to decide American cases instead of the Constitution is violating the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and should be impeached!

The liberal progressives can only get their agenda passed through illegal means.


Some of the current secret society Judiciary Branch federal employees —

Government PositionTerm of ServiceNameBilderberg GroupCouncil On Foreign RelationsTrilateral CommissionComments
Some of the current Judicial Branch federal employees --
U. S. Supreme Court Justice2017 - presentNeil M. GorsuchYesHis term membership in the CFR has expired, but it's unknown if he is still a member.
Some of the previous Judicial Branch federal employees --
U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit2000 – 2022Laurence H. SilbermanYesSenior judge
1985 - 2000Laurence H. SilbermanYes
1980 – 1993Ruth Bader GinsburgYes
U. S. Federal judge1979 - 1980George J. MitchellYesU. S. District Court
U. S. Supreme Court justice1993 - 2020Ruth Bader GinsburgYes
1981 - 2006Sandra Day O'Connor Yes
1994 - 2022Stephen Gerald BreyerYes

Some of the secret society Legislative Branch federal employees prior to Trump —

Government OfficePositionTerm of ServiceNameBilderberg GroupCouncil On Foreign RelationsTrilateral CommissionComments
Congressional Budget Office Director2003 - 2005Douglas Holtz-EakinYes
1975 – 1983Alice RivlinYes
United States House of Representatives House of Representatives Member2019 – 2021Donna ShalalaYesFormer President of the Clinton Foundation
2007 - 2019Keith EllisonYes
2005 - 2017Charles Boustany, Jr.Yes
2003 - 2013Howard BermanYes
2001 - 2011Jane HarmanYesYes
1993 - 1999Jane HarmanYesYes
1993 - 2003Lindsay GrahamYes
1991 - 2015Ed PastorYes
1991 - 1997Jack ReedYes
1989 - 2017Jim McDermottYes
1989 - 2004Porter GossYesCo-sponsor of the USA PATRIOT Act
Co-chair of the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry.
Congressman from Florida
1987 – 2020John LewisYes
1983 - 2013Dan BurtonYesWas a member of the Tea Party Caucus
1983 - 2013Howard BermanYes
1983 - 2011John Spratt YesRepresentative from South Carolina
1983 - 2007Nancy Johnson Yes
1983 – 1997Bill RichardsonYesYes
1983 - 1995Jim CooperYes
1983 - 1987John McCainYes
1981 - 2001Sam Gejdenson Yes
1981 - 1993Mervyn M. DymallyYesFormer Lieutenant Governor of California
Former member of the California State Assembly
1981 - 1993Vin Weber Yes
1979 - 2015Tom PetriYesRepresentative from Wisconsin
1979 - 2005Robert MatsuIYes
1979 - 1999Newt GingrichYes
1979 - 1995Olympia J. SnoweYesYes
1979 – 1989Dick CheneyYesYes
1979 - 1987Michael D. BarnesYesFormer Alternate Member of the Board of Directors of the Office of Congressional Ethics
1979 - 1985Geraldine FerraroYes1984 Vice Presidential Candidate
1977 - 2007Jim LeachYes
1977 - 2005Dick GephardtYesYesFormer House Minority Leader
Former Speaker of the House
1977 - 1995Daniel GlickmanYesYes
1975 - 2007Henry HydeYes
1975 - 1999Charles SchumerYes
1975 – 1987Tim WirthYes
1975 - 1981Chris DoddYesYes
1973 - 1997Patricia SchroederYes
1973 - 1987James R. JonesYes
1971 - 2017Charles RangelYesYes
1971 – 1993Les AspinYes
1971 – 1989Jack KempYes
1971 - 1977H. John Heinz IIIYesHis widow later married John Kerry, former Secretary of State
1971 - 1977Paul SarbanesYes
1967 - 1970William V. Roth, JrYes
1965 - 1983Jonathan BinghamYes
1965 - 1995Thomas FoleyYesYesYes
1965 - 1999Lee H. HamiltonYes
1963 - 1979Donald M. Fraser Yes
1963 – 1971Bill BrockYes
1963 – 1971Michael DukakisYes
1961 - 1981John B. AndersonYes
1957 - 1961George McGovernYes
1949 – 1973Gerald FordYes
1949 - 1953Abraham A. Ribicoff Yes
1947 – 1950Richard NixonYes
1943 - 1953Christian A. HerterYesYes
Majority Leader1989 - 1995Dick GephardtYes
Speaker of the House1995 - 1999Newt GingrichYes
1989 - 1995Tom FoleyYesYesYes
United States SenateMajority Leader2003 - 2007Bill FristYes
1989 - 1995George J. MitchellYes
Senate Republican Conference Leader1977 – 1979Howard BakerYes
Senator 2003 - 2021Lamar AlexanderYesFormer governor of Tennessee
2001 - 2006Jon CorzineYesFormer governor of NJ; former CEO of MF Global, that filed for bankruptcy after he lost $1.6 billion, but was not held accountable for it; former CEO of Goldman Sachs
1999 - 2011Evan BayhYesYesFormer governor of Indiana
1999 - 2005John EdwardsYes2004 Vice Presidential Candidate
1997 - 2009Chuck HagelYesYes
1995 - 2013Olympia J. SnoweYesYesSenator from Maine
1995 - 2007Bill FristYes
1994 - 2003Fred ThompsonYesAs an actor, he has appeared in numerous movies and television series, most notably "Law & Order"
1993 - 2013Kay Bailey HutchisonYes2000 Vice Presidential Candidate
1989 - 2013Joe LiebermanYesFormer Attorney General of Connecticut
1989 - 2001Charles RobbYesYesFormer Governor of Virginia, and son-in-law to President Lyndon Johnson
1987 – 2018John McCainYes
1987 - 2005Bob GrahamYesFormer governor of Florida
1987 – 1993Tim WirthYes
1985 - 2015John D. Rockefeller, IVYesYesFormer Governor of West Virginia, nephew of David Rockefeller, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission
1981 - 2011Chris DoddYesYes
1980 - 1995George J. MitchellYesSenator from Maine
1979 - 1997Bill BradleyYesFormer professional basketball player, New York Knicks
1979 - 1994David BorenYes
1978 - 1997Nancy KassebaumYesShe is an Advisory Board member for the Partnership for a Secure America (a NWO org)
1978 - 1991Rudy BoschwitzYes
1977 - 2007Paul SarbanesYes
1977 - 2001Daniel Patrick MoynihanYes
1977 - 1991H. John Heinz IIIYesHis widow later married John Kerry, current Secretary of State
1976 - 1999John ChafeeYes
1975 - 1987Gary Hart Yes
1973 – 2009Joe BidenYes
1972 - 1997Sam NunnYesYes
1971 - 2001William V. Roth, JrYes
1971 – 1977Bill BrockYes
1970 - 1981Adlai Stevenson III YesYesFormer Treasurer of Illinois
1969 - 1993Alan CranstonYesOne of the Keating five senators (which included John McCain and John Glenn) that were accused of corruption in the savings and loan scandal, with Cranston's misconduct being deemed the worst of the five
1967 - 1985Howard BakerYes
1967 - 1985Charles H. PercyYesFather-in-law to Sen. John D. Rockefeller, IV
1967 – 1970William RothYes
1963 - 1981George McGovern Yes1972 Democratic Presidential candidate
1964 – 1976Walter MondaleYesYesYes
1963 - 1981Abraham A. Ribicoff Yes
1959 – 1980Edmund MuskieYes
1950 – 1953Richard NixonYes
1949John Foster DullesYes

As the tables above have shown, the Council on Foreign Relations has a near-stranglehold on the key positions of power in the U. S. government. It doesn’t matter which political party is in power at the time, because CFR members are in both parties. Certain positions in the government are more important to the CFR than others. There have been eight CFR presidents, nine CFR vice presidents, 24 CFR secretaries of state, 24 CFR secretaries of war/defense, 22 CFR secretaries of the treasury, and 19 CFR directors of the CIA. In addition to these positions, there are hundreds of CFR deputy secretaries, CFR assistant secretaries, etc.  Remember, this is just membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. It does not include membership in the Bilderberg Group or Trilateral Commission. Some globalists are members of multiple secret societies.

The CFR members are not just in the administration of a president. They are also throughout Congress, where they are elected and re-elected by the people.

Now you can understand why our government does things that seem contrary to what Americans should be doing. It’s because our government does not consist of people with America’s best interests in mind. They are globalists that are only concerned with establishing a New World Order they can profit off of through subjugation of citizens.








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