If you agree that it’s wrong to have your government, which is controlled and manipulated by foreign interests, monitor your activities 24/7, control your actions, slowly poison you, and ultimately will kill 80% of you, suggestions for action to take are listed below. Add some of your own suggestions!

How to Fight Back!

1. The globalists that run the New World Order only care about two things — money and power. If you don’t have money, you’re not going to have any power. Most of these globalists manage corporations that support the New World Order. How influential would these corporations be if they weren’t making any money?

Here is a partial list of corporations that support the New World Order. It contains many well-known names.

Look carefully at the list of corporate members and determine if you use any of their products. If you do, can you purchase a similar product from a corporation that does not support the New World Order?

This is a listing of Made in the USA companies, as well as other websites that list additional Made in the USA companies. When you find a company you want to do business with, make sure to check it against the partial list of corporations supporting New World Order.

Some corporations also make money by selling shares of stock in the corporation. If you own stocks or bonds in corporations, review your portfolio to determine if you own stock in any corporations that support the New World Order. If so, can you liquidate them?

2. Some of the globalists (traitors) that have infiltrated our government are identified on the previous page. Others are identified here. There could be additional unidentified traitors in the government since the globalists do not publish complete membership lists of their secret societies.

What can be done to rid the government of globalist traitors? If they are U. S. Senators or Congressmen, they can be voted out of office. The most recent election was November 2014, when all of the House of Representatives was up for election, and one-third of the Senate was up for election. The next election will be November 2016, when all of the House of Representatives will again be up for election, and another third of the Senate will be up for election, and the president will also be up for election. We have seen how much damage an illegal president has done to this country in a short time. Can the country survive until November 2016, in the slim hope that candidates will be elected that aren’t traitors, and will make a difference?

Immediate action must be taken to not only rid Congress of these traitors, but also send a clear message to the New World Order that we will no longer tolerate what they have been doing to our country!

Some states allow the recall of U. S. Senators and Congressmen. Contact your state’s secretary of state office to find out if your state allows recall of federal officials. If it does, find out the exact recall procedures, and follow them exactly. Be sure to ask if there are any waiting periods before filing recall petitions. If a person was elected in November 2014, which means they took office January 6, 2015, there may be a waiting period before any recall petitions can be filed. Also ask if signatures for petitions can be gathered during the waiting period. Planning how you are going to collect the most signatures on recall petitions is essential before actually taking out the petitions. Remember, once you take out a recall petition, you will need to obtain a specific number of valid signatures on the petition within a specific time frame. Plan on getting approximately 50% more signatures than are required, since a certain percentage of signatures are always disqualified during the verification process by the secretary of state’s office. If there are not enough extra signatures on the petitions, the recall process can fail without ever having an election.

If your state does not allow for recalling U. S. Senators and Congressmen, contact your state legislature and ask what can be done to make this an option for voters in your state. If the legislature refuses, they can be recalled. Contact your state’s secretary of state office to find out what the procedures are for recalling members of your state’s legislature and follow them exactly.

This is the issue about voting: Why shouldn’t voters be able to vote politicians out of office whenever they aren’t doing what the voters want them to do? Why should voters have to wait until the next election to vote out traitorous politicians? A U. S. Senator serves for six years. Look how much damage our illegal president has done in six years!

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