The terminology used in immigration discussions is very important. It tells you how a person truly views the immigration issue.

Illegal aliens in this country were originally called illegal aliens, which is the correct terminology. As soon as someone crosses the border without authorization to be in this country, they are illegally in this country.  Illegal aliens are aliens who are in the United States in violation of a law that was created in 1929. If you look up the word “alien” in any dictionary, it will tell you that an alien is a person that is not a citizen of the country they are in. This term is correctly used worldwide. If you, as a U.S. citizen, went to Canada, you would be considered an alien in Canada, even if you were there legally. In an effort to distort the issue and make people outraged over the terminology, even though it’s accurate, people are being encouraged to associate “alien” with outer space.

As part of the plan to encourage U.S. citizens to pay for amnesty for 20 million (or more) illegal aliens, the terminology being used by anyone that supports amnesty is “illegal immigrant.” This softer terminology is more appealing to the masses, and is designed to make people think that ALL illegal aliens are just here for a better life. This is simply not true. Also, there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. An immigrant goes through a background screening and a health screening, and then waits to be told when they can come into this country.

Another term frequently used is “undocumented immigrant,” meaning someone in this country without papers. Do you, as a citizen, have papers proving you are a citizen of the United States? Nearly all illegal aliens in this country either obtained documents, such as Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses, before entering this country, or obtained them shortly after entering this country. The fact that these documents are stolen or forged is another part of the illegal alien problem. Identity theft didn’t exist until after the 1986 amnesty.

The newest terminology now being used to describe an illegal alien is “migrant.” This is part of the plan for the North American Union (NAU). Under this plan that will unite Mexico, the United States, and Canada into one country, people will freely migrate between the three former countries because there will be no borders. The NAU requires that people and goods be able to freely and efficiently migrate from one location to another. Pay attention to who is using this word. It means they are anti-American.

Illegal aliens frequently say that this is their country and we should go back to Europe where we came from. Several years ago, illegal aliens and their supporters began saying that anyone opposing illegal aliens are racists. Typically, resorting to name calling means the person doing the name calling has no defense for their position, and wants to immediately end the debate. Also, typically, the person calling someone a racist is in fact the racist.

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