If you agree that it’s wrong to have members of the Bilderberg Group controlling the U.S. presidential elections and manipulating world events to force the world into doing what the globalists want done in order to implement one-world government and completely destroy America, and then the rest of the world, some suggestions for action to take are listed below. Add some of your own suggestions!

How to Fight Back!

1. Members in the Bilderberg Group are individuals. Most members became members as a result of creating a product or corporation that made them very wealthy, thus attracting the attention of the Bilderberg Group.

A corporation usually makes money by selling products. If they sell a lot of products, then upper management will frequently become wealthy, which allows them to join all sorts of groups and organizations, both good and bad. If a corporation isn’t selling products, upper management will be less likely to become wealthy and support other groups and organizations.

Here is a partial list of corporations that support the New World Order. It contains many well-known names.

Look carefully at the list of corporate members and determine if you use any of their products. If you do, can you purchase a similar product from a corporation that does not support the New World Order?

You might also want to look at the list of Bilderberg meeting attendees, because it also identifies the company the individual works for.

This is a listing of Made in the USA companies, as well as other websites that list additional Made in the USA companies. When you find a company you want to do business with, make sure to check it against the partial list of corporations supporting New World Order.

2. If a corporation employing a Bilderberg Group attendee is a public corporation, it also makes money by selling shares of stock in the corporation. If a corporation can’t sell shares of its stock, there will be an adverse affect on the ability of the corporation to continue operating. If you own stocks or bonds in corporations, review your portfolio to determine if you own stock in any corporations that employ attendees of the Bilderberg Group meetings. If so, can you liquidate them?

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