If you agree that it’s wrong to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses that can also be used for voting purposes to soon make America unrecognizable, some suggestions for action to take are listed below. Add some of your own suggestions!

If you think illegal aliens won’t be making significant changes to America, think about this:  In third world countries, do they have the right of freedom of speech, or the right to bear arms like we do? Do you think illegal aliens understand or care about how important these rights are to Americans? Or will they be only too glad to vote for democrats as long as they can stay in America?

How to Fight Back!

  1. Contact your state legislators and urge them to repeal the driver’s licenses for illegal aliens in your state. If they refuse, vote them out on election day. They work for you, not illegal aliens!
  2. If your state legislators can’t be voted out of office, find out if they can be recalled, and then circulate the petitions to have them recalled.
  3. If any judges in your state, including federal judges, have overturned voter ID laws, vote them out on election day. They need to be reminded the laws are written for the protection of citizens, not illegal aliens.

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